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was charmed● that such a vast amount of trouble was spared▓ her; telling everybody Sarah was a treasure, a▓nd she only wondered there were not● more Jewish servants. But our readers mus●t not ima

gine that Sarah’s situation● was all delightful.She had many painful● prejudices to bear with, ma●ny slights and unkindness in her fel●low-servants to forgive and forget, many jes▓ts at her peculiar religion, and r●idicule at its forms—much that, to a cha▓racter less gently firm and forbearing, would ▓have led to such

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domestic bicke▓ring and misery, that she would have be●en compelled to leave her place, or pe▓rhaps have been induced w

eakly to hide●, if it did not shake her reverence for,●

d to Miss Leo●n, who quietly smiled, and assured her she would?/p>

so repeatedly to be de▓ceived, Sarah in distress appeale


小说区 图片区 综合区

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